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We are committed to educate, warn & protect the general public from fraudulent scams & frauds perpetrated by criminal organizations. These crimes involved: phishing, securities frauds, wire fraud and money laundering. In the majority of cases, you will have first been contacted by phone and invited to invest in a highly profitable foreign shares, High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) or Forex opportunities. You will always be told that a fast decision is required, otherwise you will miss out an "excellent investment opportunity".

Watch for the following signs and red flags:

Most of these frauds are "Ponzi" schemes. After Charles Ponzi, who ran such a large scheme in 1920. The Fraud claims that new investments are directly invested into the business venture and are, in reality used to pay out non-existent benefits to existing investors. Targets may be contacted by sales people or advertisements, but most of the time by phone or internet as an email or confidence-inspiring financial website.

Research your investment

Verify that the company (investment opportunity) is legitimate.
Check the firm (investment opportunity) and the person, by using web search engines or just contact us.

We perform Due Diligence / Research

Due Diligence is a term used by a number of concepts involving either the research of a business or person prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care. It can be a legal obligation, but the term more commonly refers to voluntary analysis and examination. We will show you an example of our Due Diligence by inspecting the process which the potential acquirer evaluates a target company or its assets for acquisition.

Prevent your TOTAL LOSS

Letting us handle the most important job will automatically preventing your total financial loss. If you are contacted in the future by financial companies asking you to invest or buy new shares or buy/sell your preexisting shares for you, to pay taxes trough W-8BEN form or any other reasons like: margin agreements, insurance or surety bond fees, derestriction fees, ... to any financial regulator, contact us, we will become your first line of defense.

In the majority of cases

someone will contact you with the telephone call inviting you to invest in highly profitable foreign shares , HYIP & Forex opportunities. You will always be told, that a quick decision is required. Most usual argument is that the caller has insider information and claims, that otherwise, you will miss-out an "excellent investment opportunity". After your first "trade" with them, they are getting ready to additionally charge your for fictitious fees.

In most cases, the person who calls you will initially use a false name. The company, usually does not have permit to conduct financial operations, in fact, most don't even exist. The Company address is usually false, moreover the base of this fraudulent operation is a mobile cell phone, which is carried around the globe. Lately, with the new advances in technological telecommunications includes an software application that allows the fraudster to make and receive calls from computers, tablets and mobile devices via the Internet to other devices or telephones/smartphones.

They have produced confidence-inspiring brochures and websites presentations to help you believe that frauds are a genuine investment opportunities, later follows tax fees and many other fees.

The frauds have skillfully planned their crime, they are known in legal circles for their "Boiler Room" (call center/ called calling) operations.

The criminals follow a set plan that has been prepared over a long period of time - over several years.

This king of fraud is carried out by skillful "sales representatives = false financial advisers/ false stock brokers".

Usually the perpetrators have international connection, hiring many "outsourcing companies" mostly out of the Philippines or India" trough cold calling professionals all around the globe in order to classified the future victim of the fraudsters.

This "White Collar Crime" is a rapidly growing phenomenon today, highly organized, with an army of false financial advisers operating mostly from Spain, Netherlands, Romania, South-East Asian countries and lately from South Africa.
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